BIG MAX Autofold FF Push Trolley

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BIG MAX is at the forefront of innovative trolley technology and this excellent offering provides evidence of that. One push and it folds into a flat package; it’s as easy as that!

This is one of the most impressive folding trolleys on the market. Not only is it incredibly compact when stowed away, but it's also highly stable when fully assembled and capable of holding even the largest tour bags. It's an excellent combination. Features and benefits of the BIG MAX Autofold FF trolley include:

  • Easy-folding 3-wheel trolley that can be assembled or collapsed in seconds
  • Extremely flat when folded
  • Stable construction, suitable for all bag sizes and weights
  • Compact, sportive design
  • Comfortable for pushing owing to straight axle design
  • New, improved organiser panel
  • Available in white, white/cobalt, black/red and black